Skin79's O2 BB Cleanser <scrap>

Apart from welcoming their new brand ambassadors, the Brown Eyed Girls, Skin79 also welcomes a new product to their shelves in Singapore!

Nope, it's not a new BB Cream nor is it a powder pact, it's actually a BB Cleanser!

A small part of me is going, FINALLY!

What are BB Cleansers and how do they differ from makeup cleansers or regular cleansers?

Well, here's what I know from before but I can't vouch it's the actual story or 'history'.

These days we have a more thorough makeup cleansing regime with cleansing oils and such but back when BB Creams first made their debut, many felt it was so much like skincare that normal cleansers would be good enough to remove it. Which then brought about the whole idea of BB Creams having their own special cleansers because it was said that normal cleansers didn't clean BB Creams off well enough.

There are still some mentions that BB Creams are hard to properly get off and all but I think almost nothing can phase oil cleansers, in terms of foundation at least.

That's what I know but if it's total gibberish... I have been deceived!

Either ways, for Skin79, a brand that has so many different types of BB Creams under their wings, it's honestly about time they rolled out a BB Cleanser.

This cleanser comes with a handy pump that they claim is easy to work with. However, I find the oddly large shape something I have to get used to.

Regardless, you press - it dispenses. Simple as that!

This O2 BB Cleanser is a self-bubbling cleanser (that sounds cool) and comes with a whooping 6-in-1 effect.

Though the effects mainly cover things like properly removing BB Creamlending a brightening effectclearing up the skin sebumoffering elasticity and moisture, and also being paraben and color free.

So... going back to the cool sounding self-bubbling fact, here's how it works:

The product dispenses like a normal gel and instructions say to spread this over your face and leave it for a minute or two.

You probably don't have to wait for a minute because the self-bubbling does occurs after the gel has sat on the skin for awhile.

Here's the 'bubbling' that was captured. It is essentially more air bubbles forming within the gel.

(click to enlarge!)

While using this on my face I didn't notice the bubbles this obviously, perhaps because this was done on a dry hand? Though you can certainly feel some very minor bubbling occuring when you have this on your face - it's akin to an odd itch.

After all that, I like to rub and foam everything up again before I rinse it off.


Personally I like using this in the shower which is normally after I have removed my makeup for the day. Something about it being a BB Cleanser makes it feel like this could remove leftover makeup residue, if any.

It feels mild on the skin and is certainly moisturizing because my skin doesn't feel dry or stripped after using this. I didn't notice any film or residue on my face after the wash either.

The bubbling novelty is quite interesting too and I normally slap this on and proceed to rinse my hair conditioner out so I do allow some time to let it 'bubble' without just standing around waiting for it. Though I can't imagine waiting around everytime if I had to use this by the sink.


In all it's a cute product to check out if BB Cleansers are your thing or if you are looking into getting one! It's milder, more hydrating and not as invigorating as Etude House's Baking Soda BB Cleanser, which I used and loved from before, so... it really depends on what you are after!

Skin79's O2 BB Cleanser retails for S$24.90 at Watsons, John Little, Sasa & BHG


I was not expecting this simple post to turn into something this lengthy but thank you for reading!


Products were provided to me for review consideration.
I am not affiliated to them and all opinions expressed are my own.


3rd Jun 2012

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